Marpe Wellbeing

Let's get you an appointment! 

Why endure the prolonged NHS waiting times for a psychiatrist when you can have immediate access to the best private psychiatric care at Marpe?

Whether you're navigating the mental health landscape for the first time, seeking a second opinion, or in search of seasoned expertise, Marpe is your optimal choice. Our seasoned psychiatrist consultants stand ready to guide you through your journey to mental wellness.

Your appointment with us:

It typically includes:

  • a comprehensive assessment,
  • an accurate diagnosis, and
  • the formulation of a personalised treatment plan tailored just for you, including medication management. 

At the heart of our service is a diverse team of experts, including GPs, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and Psychologists, united to support you on your path to improved mental well-being and achieving your personal goals.